Halvah Bar Line

Halvah Forming Cooling and Cutting Line and all producers who produce halvah are making their jobs easier.

Now, without weighing your halva, putting it in molds and waiting for cooling, we pack it in a completely hygienic environment and make it ready for sale.

20g. ‘ It is now possible to give shape by reducing the size of the product.

20g. ‘ from 1000gr. We can prepare your facility according to your demand in every gram range and from 500kg to 1500kg hour demand, we can produce suitable solutions according to the position of your business.

The materials used in all food contact surfaces are suitable for food specifications. Carrier belts are suitable silicone and polyurethane tapes suitable
for food. It is controlled by PLC and it can be done easily and practically with touch screen. Depending on the type of production, you can save the
settings and select the settings for your production with one-touch.

Production Capacity:                                       300kg / h                            500kg / h

Pave Width:                                                        300mm                                500mm

Laying thickness:                                        10mm-40mm                         10mm-40mm

Minimum cutting dimensions:               20mm x 20mm                      20mm x 20mm

Turnkey Complete Halva Shaping Cooling and Cutting Line is installed and commissioned in the factory building with all its machines and equipments.
The materials used in production comply with international food specifications.






         The feed hopper consists of a spreading roller and two calibration rollers. It spreads the dough on the tape and reduces it to the desired thickness between 5mm – 50mm. Depending on the product structure, heating and cooling in rollers and under the tape, teflon coated rollers and silicone tape are offered as options.








Cooling Tunnels are produced between 40cm – 120cm band widths and 6m – 15m lengths. It is used to reduce the product temperature of maximum 80 ° C to ambient temperature.




Servo motor and PLC controlled machine. Slices the product in desired dimensions. Thanks to the oscillation mechanism, it cuts on the outgoing belt without stopping. Blade is Teflon coated. The height adjustment is made on the touch PLC screen.









Servo motor is a double speed running band. It counts the products that come with the sensors on it and transfers the products with the pneumatic piston to another band which is positioned 90 degrees to the right or left.








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