Pretzel and Stick Cracker

Project Overview

Pretzel and Stick Cracker Production Line

All equipments have been designed for enriching these products with sesame, salt, pepper and various spices and ensuring a delicious taste, and production cost is decreased by means of recovery units.

Production types such as cutting from thin rolled dough and injection are selected according to customer demands and accordingly, machine groups are composed.

Key-turn complete Pretzel and Stick Cracker Production Line is mounted in your production plant and put under operation by supplying all machines and equipments together with Know-Hows.

Materials which are used in the production comply with international foodstuff specifications.


100kg/s (600mm belt width with 16 mm oven)
200kg/s (1000mm belt width with 24 mm oven)
300kg/s (1000mm belt width with 36 mm oven)