Soft Biscuit

Project Overview

it is a production line specially designed for soft dough biscuit production line. Complete range of machines and equipments from kitchen to packaging are manufactured by our company. According to your planned production area and production capacity, we determine the most suitable production line and install it in your factory building.

               Biscuit lines from 150 kg to 1 ton per hour are manufactured. The materials used in all food contact surfaces comply with international food specifications. Conveyor belts are suitable for food wire and polyurethane tapes. It is controlled by PLC and it can be done easily and practically with touch screen. Depending on the type of production, you can save the settings and select the settings for your production with one-touch.

Production Capacity:                150kg / h            300kg / h            600kg / h            1000kg / h

Belt Width:                                     60cm                  60cm                    100cm                  100cm

Oven Length:                                  16m                     24m                        32m                     48m




Rotary Moolding Machine

It is a cylindrical molded dough shaping machine for soft pastry biscuit production. Tape and cylinder speeds can be adjusted individually or jointly. The die blade is movable in all directions and can be easily changed. The mold print setting and band orientations are pneumatic. Mold change is easy. According to the desired product capacity 40cm – 60cm – 80cm – 100cm band widths are produced.



Biscuit Oven

The air heated between 300 ° C and  500 ° C with LPG or fuel oil burners, passes through the channels located at the top and bottom of the wire mesh band and provides cooking without contacting the product. The heat dissipation can be adjusted separately from the bottom, top and right. According to the desired product capacity 40cm – 60cm – 80cm – 100cm band width and 10m – 48m length are produced in lengths.


Turning Belt

Used to shorten the production area. The baking biscuits are rotated 180 ° and transferred to the cooling band.      The belt speed works synchronously with the production line.




Cooling Belt

It is used to make the biscuits coming out of the furnace fall to ambient temperature and become ready for creaming or packaging. Wire mesh tape is used to cool the biscuits more quickly.

Biscuit Sandwiching Machine

It automatically turns the biscuits filled into magazines into cream sandwiches. First, by taking the lower biscuit cream on top and the top of the biscuit on top. then calibrates through the cylinder and makes it ready for packaging. square and round biscuits of different sizes can make sandwiches. According to the production capacity, two and four rows are manufactured.



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