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Production Lines
Muesli Bar and Cereal Bar

Muesli Bar Production Line is a production line designed for muslin bar. It can produce full automatic production from dough feeding to packaging machines. The dough you have prepared is […]

Production Lines

    Crocan production line: The mixture prepared in the specially manufactured sugar boiling pan and mixers is discharged into the cylinder group chamber with transfer conveyor. The mixture passing […]

Production Lines
Jaffa Cake

Jam, chocolate and cake. Our machines compose this delicious taste in the most appropriate way.   Recipes for cakes and jellies and production information, extra convenient machine groups and fully […]

Production Lines
Filled Biscuit

Filled Biscuit Production Line Special production of caramel and fruit puree-filled soft dough pastry are performed by one single machine combining triple-technology. a) Fully covered and center-filled, b) Twister shaped […]

Chocolate Coating Line

    Chocolate Coating Machine Our machine can perform full coating, topping and bottoming coats. All settings for adjustments such as cabin temperature, heat of chocolate and chocolate thickness can […]

Production Lines
Pretzel and Stick Cracker

Pretzel and Stick Cracker Production Line All equipments have been designed for enriching these products with sesame, salt, pepper and various spices and ensuring a delicious taste, and production cost […]

Production Lines
Soft Biscuit

it is a production line specially designed for soft dough biscuit production line. Complete range of machines and equipments from kitchen to packaging are manufactured by our company. According to […]

Production Lines
Hot Halvah Cutting Line

With the Hot Halvah Forming Line, you no longer need to weigh your halves before putting them in containers. Thanks to our special heated systems, your halva is cut with […]

Production Lines
Hard Biscuit

  Hard Biscuit Production Line By cutting from thin rolled dough, you can shape every type of every kind of high-quality salty biscuits and crackers. We cook in ovens, and […]