Hot Halvah Cutting Line

Project Overview

With the Hot Halvah Forming Line, you no longer need to weigh your halves before putting them in containers. Thanks to our special heated systems, your halva is cut with equal weight without losing its spreading feature and the weighing process is eliminated.

Halva Boilers are emptied into the barrel with the help of a specially manufactured lift. The product thickness is then calibrated through the heated rollers. The halva, which is laid on the band in equal thickness, is cut through the disc knives and cut into the halide and reaches the guillotine. Halves that are cut at length in the guillotine are ready to be packed.

The materials used in all food contact surfaces are suitable for food specifications. Carrier belts are suitable silicone and polyurethane tapes suitable for food. Controlled by PLC and touch screen, speed and time adjustments can be made very easily and practically. Depending on the type of production, the settings are saved in the memory and you can select the settings for your production with a single click.

Production Capacity:                         450kg / h                          750kg / h

Pave Width:                                          300mm                             500mm

Laying thickness:                            10mm-100mm               10mm-100mm

Minimum cutting dimensions:    40mm x 40mm              40mm x 40mm

            Turnkey complete Hot Halva Cutting Machine is installed and put into operation in your factory building with all its machines and equipments. The materials used in production comply with international food specifications.